3 Ways Juicing Will Help You Live Longer

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Live Longer with Drinking freshly juiced vegetables and fruits!There are many benefits because of the nutrients that are extracted from the produce that aids our aging bodies. Typically, people don’t eat as many whole fruits and vegetables as needed to maintain a nutritious diet. The plant chemicals, vitamins, and minerals retained in the fresh produce improve our system in its entirety. In fact, juicing can protect us from many diseases like cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis), and even certain cancers.

The valuable compounds known as anthocyanins and flavonoids are abundant in many fruits and vegetables and those components guard us against oxidative cellular damage. That means that juicing provides maintenance to our cells which are generally intensified by exposure to pollution and chemicals.

Sounds great right? Perhaps the fountain of youth lies in the natural raw juices we make. Let’s go over 3 Ways Juicing Will Help You Live Longer.

1) Fiber for Life

Our digestive system is built to extract nutrients from various foods and to handle fiber. Since fiber is so significant for our digestive functions along with having so many health benefits, there is no question that juicing will increase your daily fiber intake if you don’t usually eat an abundance of whole fruits and vegetables each day.

A research study conducted with the intent to break down the benefits of fiber demonstrated that people who consumed a large amount of fiber each day actually live longer. 500,000 individuals in the study had a decreased cause of death from infectious, respiratory, or cardiovascular diseases by an impressive 24 to 56 percent of men, and 34 to 59 percent of women. Wow!

2) Reverse Bowel Problems

One of the most prevalent complaints in people today is gastrointestinal dysfunction, in other words, stomach aches. Usually, medical professionals can prescribe and/or recommend OTC products that will provide minimal relief, but a lot of those medications come wrapped in an uncomfortable blanket of side effects. Lucky for us, one of the most efficient treatments for bowel and digestive ailments is raw juicing, so there is a bright side! Fresh juicing eliminates harmful toxins and bacteria from your colon and also helps repair damaged tissue that might be present.

3) Juicing Kills Cancer

Freshly juiced produce is packed with vitamins and phytochemicals that help fight cancer in a way that is easy for your body to absorb. Through juicing, you will be rewarding your body with an easy and efficient way to naturally prevent your body from developing the most pandemic illness in the world. Many scientists have found that the nutrients contained in fresh foods like pomegranates, broccoli, celery, carrots, apples, and cabbage, for example, prevent the cancer cells from growing and spreading throughout your body.


The Bottom Line

Be careful with the widespread assumption that juicing is the only solution to staying healthy or that you shouldn’t consume solid foods. It is also not a substitute for taking medication for treatment of any disease, but research does prove that it will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and even prevent illnesses from developing or progressing. Juicing on a regular basis will directly deliver the benefits that come with a daily intake of fruits and vegetables. In essence, juicing can help you live longer when you proportion it correctly and couple it with exercise.

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