Focus Pocus – Healthy Juicing Recipe

Healthy Juicing Recipe -

If you’re having trouble focusing each day, regulating your mood and energy by making this super healthy juicing recipe, we called it; Focus Pocus Juice.

Raw ingredients are your body’s fuel just like gasoline for a car. When you fill yourself up with premium foods, your body runs better and longer. Juicing has the amazing ability to affect your mood, memory, mental clarity, and even your ability to focus. In order to give yourself a boost and focusing better, you need to start drinking this!

This healthy juicing recipe uses a combination of raw foods that will aid your memory and concentration for several hours. We also considered how the ingredients would taste when blended together. Although there are many foods known to help people focus, for this juice recipe we chose:

Blueberries: Research has demonstrated that blueberries can help you focus for many hours because of the level of antioxidants. Antioxidants help stimulate your blood flow and the oxygen to your brain which keeps your mind fresh. That’s why we recommend that you juice in the morning before work or school so that you’re at your sharpest!

Apples: One of the leading sources of quercetin are apples. Quercetin is an antioxidant that helps keep your mental juice flow by providing a layer of protection to your brain cells. Leaving the skin on your apples is even better since that’s where the most quercetin is found.

Green Tea: There are two components in green tea that help you focus, caffeine and l’theanine. Caffeine has earned its fame in coffee so it should be of no surprise that it can help keep you alert. L’theanine increases your alpha-wave activity which helps calm you while releasing caffeine into your system slowly. Slow distribution of caffeine is better for you in order to prevent crashing. When these two ingredients are combined, they will work together to help your ability to stay focused.

Peppermint: Have you ever heard an old tale about how people used to use peppermint to wake someone up by placing a leaf under their nose? Well, it turns out there’s some truth to that. Not only will it make you alert, but it has also been proven to boost your concentration as well. Plus, it makes your breath smell sweet, so it’s a bonus ingredient in this recipe!

Honey: We added honey to this recipe because it metabolizes better than sugar and offers other nutritional benefits like enhancing your mood which ultimately, helps you focus.

Lemon: Studies have proved that lemon oil is a stimulator that enhances your mood. It’s also known to improve your circulation which helps your brain react quicker because your blood carries oxygen and glucose in a faster form to your brain.

Without further or due, we present to you our juice recipe to help you focus!


Healthy Juicing Recipe – Focus Pocus Juice


1 cup of blueberries

2 large apples

1 cup of green tea

12 peppermint leaves

1 teaspoon of honey (or your preferred natural sweetener)

¼ of a lemon


Directions: Juice all of these ingredients, stir, and serve. Happy juicing! Depending on your juicer you might need to blend the juice and the blueberries and honey in order to get a super smooth drink 🙂

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